XTube Closure

When is the last day I can upload new User-Generated Content on Xtube?

As of July 5th, content uploads will be disabled due to XTube closing.

When is the last day I can access or view content?

As of September 5th, all user-generated content will be removed due to Xtube closing.

Will I be able to download my purchased or uploaded content?

Downloads have been disabled, hence you will not be able to download any of your user-generated content.

When will I receive my last payout from sold content?

Can or should I delete my account prior to the shutdown date?

Though you are not obligated to do so beforehand, in case you want to remove your account prior to the closing date (September 5th), you may do so via this link:
Please note by removing your account we won’t be able to process any remaining payout balances.

What happens to my VIP or Premium Channel Membership?

VIP members and XTube Premium members will be billed up to August 5th 2021. VIP membership subscriptions and XTube Premium subscriptions will be cancelled on August 5th and will no longer be billed. VIP members and XTube Premium members will be able to continue enjoying their respective benefits until September 5th.

For more info you may contact [email protected]

XTube Info

What is XTube?

XTube was first released in March 2006 by Kurtis Potec and the Webnovas Technologies Inc team. Has a user population of nearly 10 million members and still growing. It is the first Adult "Tube Site" on the internet. "Log on and Get off" was our first slogan. It’s one of the only sites where a regular person can make videos at home, and sell them online.

Why does use cookies?

We are using these cookies for different reasons, including for example, by using so-called analytical cookies which allow us to recognize and count the number of visitors and to see how our visitors are using and exploring our website. Allowing us to distinguish you from other users of helps us to provide you with a good experience when you browse and also to improve the website, for example by ensuring that you are finding what they are looking for easily.

Do I have to sign up to upload?

Yes. Everything you upload is attached to your profile, so you must sign up to upload.
Becoming a member also allows you to save videos, create playlists, and leave comments, collect points, win prizes among many other features.

What do I need to do to sign-up on XTube?

From our Sign Up page, just provide us with with a username, email address, your gender, what content you prefer to see (gay, straight or both), and you desired password.
You must also agree to the XTube Terms of Use.

Can I change my username?

No. Your username is your permanent identity in the XTube community.

How do I change or add a profile picture?

You can change or remove your profile picture at any time by expanding your header avatar, then going to "Settings" tab.

What is Xtube Premium?

Xtube Premium is a premium platform which offers you the most enhanced experience. In Xtube Premium you can find more than 100 Premium videos and watch over 334016 minutes of high quality content.

Xtube Premium is updated every month with new videos handpicked from the experts of the industry.

In Xtube Premium you can find best quality videos in 4K UHD and FULL HD and watch Full video scenes.

XTube User Types


This user type is recommended for basic use

  • - View thousands of free photos and videos!
  • - Share your own photos and videos with friends!
  • - Get access to Amateur Categories and chat with REAL women!
  • - Get access to Professional DVD Categories for less than the video store!
  • - Earn hit points and cash them in at the XTube rewards store!


  • - Publish your own photos and videos and earn money every time someone buys your content!
  • - View thousands of free photos and videos!
  • - Share your own photos and videos with friends!
  • - Get access to Professional DVD Categories for less!
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Content Studio

Content Company

If you operate more than one Studio you must first create a Content Company account. Stream your DVDs on XTube and earn money every time someone views your content.

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Content Violations

It is incredibly important to keep our servers clear of certain kinds of content and we are 110% committed to enforcing our Terms of Use. Every person who creates an XTube account must agree to these terms and holds themself responsible for their own conduct on this site. We will not hesitate to hold/delete/ban/report users who violate these conditions. You could think of it like this, "We're not takin the rap because you're an idiot." If you want to report a violation, but aren't sure what to choose, consider the following:

Violation: Sexually Explicit Depictions of Minors

Users must be over 18 years old. User uploads cannot contain visual depictions of sexually explicit conduct of one or more minors (USC Title 18, Part I, Chapter 110, § 2257). This is a federal offense punishable by fine and/or jail time. Due to the severity of this crime XTube will: Immediately delete the violations, Ban the user, Report all data we have, related to the user, to the Federal Authorities. Investigate the users' friends and favorites, Feel good about helping stop this kind of horrible crime.

Violation: Illegal Acts / Hidden Cam

Uploads cannot contain illegal acts such as anything that is considered a crime, or a general violation of the XTube terms. Hidden cam is illegal and popular, but not tolerated. We respect privacy rights, and we expect you to do so as well.

Violation: Graphic Violence / Death

Uploads may not contain depictions of brutality, mutilation, beatings, or other harm to a living thing. This also includes depictions of corpses. There are plenty of other sites for that. If a user is making death threats or spreading personal informaton, please provide as much detail as possible, including links to the XTube pages where the offense is located. You may also report a user who's uploads are primarily of this category.

Violation: Commercial / Advertisement

Public account holders are not allowed to post commercial advertisements. If you find an upload is a commericial you may report it, however we retain the right to actually remove it.

Error: Wrong Category [Gay/Straight]

Sometimes users choose the wrong category. Straight men, please note that photos of your cock are considered gay, and will be changed to gay, but does not mean YOU are gay. Sorry, other straight men do not want to see cock when they're searching =( It makes them sad. Uploads to the wrong categories, including not only Gay/Straight as well as Teens/Toys/Mature/Bears/Twinks etc.

Error: No Video / Sound

No video or sound? You can report it, but FIRST make sure your computer settings are up to date.

Error: Duplicate Upload

Seen it before? Let us know and we will remove it.

Error: Playback Speed

Sometimes the video gets ahead of the audio, and visa versa. This is often a video conversion problem and cannot be fixed by XTube.

Error: No Photos

Did the user forget to add their photos?