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Male, Amateur

About st-louis-boytoyz

Hi, i am a little whore that likes to eat cum and get fucked in my ass anytime i can, that is and not get caught, by strait friends, friend or , so i hope that none of them happen to stumble across xtube - lol -- well anyway, i thought i would share some of my horny little escapades with you, i hope you enjoy watching them half as much as i enjoyed making them....***WATCH MY FUCK BUDDIES POUND ON SOME TIGHT WET TEEN PUSSY HERE ON XTUBE ON THE AMATEUR ACCOUNT "YOUNG_PUSSY" CHECK IT OUT IT IS REALLY HOT TOO!!!***CHECK IT OUT!!! I ALSO HAVE DIFFERENT VIDS HERE ON XTUBE AT AMATEUR ACCOUNT "KINKY_FUCKER" , I HAVE A LOT MORE TOTALLY HOT VIDS ON THAT PAGE AS WELL...Your response to my vids has been awesome!!!Thank you all very much!!!

  • Name: st-louis-boytoyz
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 24
  • Zodiac: Scorpio
  • Sex Preference: Bi-Sexual

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